We want you to become part of the Iceland family, so we won’t make the process any more complicated than it needs to be. Applying for a new role can feel a daunting – but we care about supporting people and giving them the right tools to succeed, so here are our top tips…

Writing a CV

There are lots of formats you can use to present your CV. One of the key things, however, is it should be clear and easy for the employer to review your experience and qualifications. It allows them to quickly match you to the role. Keeping it clear, concise, and simple is a good rule of thumb.

Key CV Tips

Be bold

use bullet points to highlight your experience

Be accurate

list your experience from current to oldest employer

Be relevant

include any qualifications you have

Be upfront

let them see straightaway you’re the perfect match

Be ready

to explain any gaps

Be contactable

…so you can get the good news!

Preparing for an interview

Whether it’s your first time or your 50th, interviews can be nerve-wracking! If you prepare yourself properly it can ease the nerves and ensure you present your best self! Remember, all you need to do is talk truthfully about yourself and tell your story.

Interview tips

Be quick

to reply once you’ve got an interview

Be early

because being late is never great

Be smartly dressed

because you care and you’ve made the effort

Be ready

allow enough time to attend your interview

Be well documented

bring along any documentation needed


give examples of your work and experience. A useful tool to use is the STAR method:

  • Situation: Set the scene and give the context around your example.
  • Task: What did you have to achieve?
  • Action: What did you do to achieve it?
  • Result: What was the outcome?

Be honest

about your strengths and weaknesses

Be prepared

to ask us questions