Working Hours

Will I have to work Bank Holidays?

In stores, how will I know which hours I’ll work every week?

What will my start and finishing times be? Will I have to work weekends, early mornings or late nights?

What are the number of contracted hours I will work?

This depends on your role and whether you work full or part-time. Typically, our full-time hours are 37.5 hours per week. Our part-time hours can range from 7.5 hours to 24 hours per week.

Our stores can open anytime between 7am – 11pm. And some teams operate 24/7. So, you’ll need a flexible approach. Many of our store colleagues work on part-time contracts, so they can juggle work with their other commitments and family needs. We are always working to give you the longest contracted hours we can that suit both you and the business.

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